Harness the power of Local Services Ads with Reserve with Google through our seamless integration. This guide will walk you through the necessary steps to connect your accounts, allowing you to increase visibility, manage appointments, and reach potential customers more effectively.

* The following integration requires Local Services Ads account.
* The Integration supports only "Home Services", "Legal" and "Real Estate" Company niche (Local Service providers).
* Currently Reserve with Google is supported only in the United States.
* Settings > Business Profile > Company Name and Address should match LSA Business Details

How to Integrate Local Services Ads - Reserve with Google?

Now you can integrate Local Services Ads - Reserve with Google by following the below steps:

1. In your Account go to Settings > Integrations and click "Start Integration" under Reserve with google

2. Click "Configure Calendar" to navigate to Calendar Settings

3. Choose the Local service you are offering under Calendar Settings and then come back to proceed with the rest of the integration

4. Login and link your Google Local Services Ads account (opened in a new tab)

5. Integration Status - Pending: It will take up to 48Hrs for Google to Verify the integration

Note: If the status is "Not Matched", then your Business Info didn't match with your LSA Business Details. So, you will have to update Settings > Business Info and reintegrate (Delete & Integrate again).

6. Your LSA - Reserve with Google Integration is done! ?

How it works?

The Appointments booked through Local Services Ads are managed in the respective Account's Calendar.

Disabling Reserve with Google Integration

If you wish to disable Reserve with Google integration, follow these simple steps:

1. Within your Settings menu, locate and select "Integrations."

2. Look for the "Reserve with Google" section where you'll find information about your current connection.

3. Click on the connected button associated with the Reserve with Google integration.

4. A pop-up will appear, asking if you want to delete the Reserve with Google connection.

5. Click on "Delete" to confirm and proceed.

You have successfully removed the Reserve with Google integration. This action ensures that your system will no longer be connected to Reserve with Google