Disclaimer : This is not legal advice. This help article is for informational purposes only. Always consult with your own legal counsel. 

General consideration for privacy policies:

  1. What personal data do you collect?
  2. Where can you collect personal data?
    1. Funnels & Websites
    2. Forms
    3. Surveys
    4. Web Chat
    5. Order Forms
    6. Calendars
  3. How to create your privacy policy using funnels or websites
    1. Build a dedicated page within a funnel / website page (typically done on a homepage where the URL can be easily referenced
    2. Search google for references - https://www.google.com/search?q=privacy+policy+templates
    3. Please consult your legal counsel for help in drafting and finalizing your privacy policy specific to your business and use case.
  4. Where you can link to your privacy policy 
    1. In funnels & websites
      1. Text / Button
    2. In forms
      1. Text / link
      2. T&C form element
    3. In Surveys
      1. Text / Link
    4. Web Chat
      1. Text / Link in widget description
    5. Order Forms
      1. Text / Link on order page
      2. Enable Terms and Conditions in Advanced settings of Order Form and create a link there
    6. Calendars
      1. Text / Link on the page that the calendar is embedded on
      2. Use a custom form with a T&C element that includes the link (Note: you will need to link to a page on your website which contains your T&C as reference.)