This FAQ relates to the US A2P 10DLC Campaign registration changes w.e.f January 26, 2023.

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What is changing?

Starting January 26, 2023, all new US A2P 10DLC Campaign registrations (Standard, Low volume standard, and the soon-to-be-released Sole Proprietor 2.0) will be subject to a manual vetting process and be charged a one-time $16.54 campaign verification fee at the time of registration. 

Why is this change happening, and is this a LeadConnector-specific requirement?

This is an industry-wide change to improve the Campaign Vetting process to reduce spam, fraud, and unwanted messaging and protect SMS as a trusted communications channel in the U.S. Every messaging provider who services A2P Campaigns must conduct this vetting.

Note: We are collecting the campaign verification fee and will pass that along without markup to our telecommunications partners. The cost is not levied by us directly.  

How do the new fees fit in with existing registration fees?

The below table details the existing registration fees and new registration fees:


Sole Prop (upcoming)

Low Volume Standard

Standard (Upcoming)

Existing Fee

Brand registration fee (one time)




Monthly campaign fee (monthly recurring)


$1.7-$12 (depending on the use case type)

$1.7-$12 (depending on the use case type)

New fee

Campaign verification fee (one time)





How will this affect Campaign Vetting?

With this new vetting process, a newly submitted Campaign will be put in a “Pending” state until it has been vetted and approved in the manual vetting process. Customers can only send compliant messages on the A2P route once the Campaign is fully approved. 

What will determine whether a Campaign passes or fails this vetting?

To help ensure your Campaigns are approved in this vetting process, please follow these best practices in A2P Campaign Approval Best Practices.

Will I get my $16.54 back if my Campaign fails to vet?

No, the $16.54 Campaign vetting fee is non-refundable. Telephony System is working on an expedited pre-screening process to catch issues before the Campaign is sent for external vetting. We will share more news on this once we have an update.

Are existing Campaigns affected by this change?

At this time, only new Campaigns are affected by this change. If this changes for existing Campaigns, we will communicate any new vetting requirements.

Are monthly recurring fees affected by this change?

No, recurring fees remain the same and are based on the campaign use case.

Does this new vetting process and $16.54 fee also extend to “post-approval” Campaigns like Agents/Franchise and Proxy? If yes, does it occur before the carrier approval, after the carrier approval, or instead of the carrier approval?

Yes, it applies to post-approval Campaigns. It happens after carrier approval.

What can I do if my campaigns are rejected?

Contact your account admin so our LC phone specialist team can help you fix your Campaign registration / re-submit a new Campaign, which will incur additional charges.

Are there exceptions to these changes? 

Toll-free messaging remains an attractive alternative to A2P 10DLC. Toll-free messaging does require a verification process but does not rely on Brand and Campaign registration.