In this guide, we will walk you through how to set up workflow automation for your LinkedIn lead ads integration.


Please connect your Linkedin account with the CRM. To know more about how to connect Linkedin with the CRM, click here

Add Workflow Trigger

  • Go to "Automation" on the left menu and click on "Create Workflow."

  • Click on "Add a new trigger" and select the "LinkedIn lead form submitted" trigger.

  • Use filters to select a page/ad account (if you've added multiple ad accounts to the subaccount). If you can't see any ad accounts in the dropdown, ensure your LinkedIn account is integrated with the sub-account.

  • Use filters to select a specific form. Ensure that field mapping is completed for the chosen form; otherwise, the leads won't be fetched into the CRM.

  • After setting the triggers, define the set of actions for the automation and save.

  • Once the automation setup is complete, publish the workflow to activate it.