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What are Rooms?

A 'room' can represent any location where services are provided. In simple terms, a room is a specific place in your business where you conduct services. For Example: This could be Massage Rooms, Salon chairs, Workout areas, Pedicure Stations etc.

What are Equipments?

Think of equipment as the special tools and devices that businesses use to provide their services. It can be anything from a fancy machine to a simple chair. For example, picture a hyper-facial machine that's used during a facial appointment.

How to use Rooms & Equipments?

This feature is designed specifically for service-based businesses, which typically operate from physical locations and often require specialized equipment to deliver their services. Examples include doctors' offices, salons, healthcare providers, and beauty treatments.
Here's how to use this feature effectively:
  1. Create Rooms and Equipments:
    • You can create rooms used by your business and maintain a list of available equipment. These can be tailored to your specific needs.
  2. Associate with Service Calendars:
    • Link these rooms and equipment to your service calendars. This way, each booking will automatically reserve the required rooms and/or equipment.
  3. Avoid Double Bookings:
    • When handling bookings, the system will consider both user availability and the availability of rooms/equipment. This helps prevent double bookings not only with staff members but also with rooms and equipment.
By following these steps, you can streamline the booking process and ensure that resources such as rooms and equipment are efficiently utilized, enhancing the overall service experience for your customers.