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How to create Equipments?

1. Access Calendar Settings and Enable Equipments:

  • Go to your account and navigate to Calendars > Calendar Settings.
  • Under Preferences > In App Preferences, toggle on Rooms and Equipments.

2. Create an Equipment:

  • Once you've enabled the feature, a new 'Equipments' tab will appear.
  • Under the 'Equipment' tab > Click on Create Equipment. 

3. Provide Equipment Details:

  • To set up equipment, enter the following details:
    • Equipment Name: Assign a unique name to the equipment.
    • Description: Provide a brief description to clarify the equipment's purpose.
    • Total Quantity: Specify the total number of available equipment units.
    • Out of Service Quantity: Enter the count of equipment units that are currently non-functional, require repair, or are out of service.
    • Select Calendar: Choose the calendars you wish to associate with this equipment.

Note: You can only link one equipment to each calendar. For example, if you have a 'Laser Machine', it can be connected to multiple calendars, but each calendar can only have one equipment, here 'Laser Machine' associated with it.

Additional Information

1. Rooms and Equipment Details:

  • Find your rooms and equipment details within the appointment modal - details view.
  • This ensures you can now easily identify which room has been assigned to a particular appointment and which equipment is being used or has been booked in conjunction with the appointment.
  • This feature simplifies the management of appointments, making it more informative and streamlined.