The Source Field in forms and surveys is a crucial element that helps you gather information about the origin or channel through which respondents accessed your form. Understanding the source of your responses can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, advertising campaigns, or overall outreach strategy.

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Adding the source element

You can find the element under Quick Add. You can drag and drop the field in the form. On the right side, you can enter the value in the source field. We have entered the value as "sample lead source". This field will be hidden and won't be shown to the users.

Usecase of this field

After the form submission, you can see the value under source as shown below.

This will also be shown under contacts as Contact Source.

Other usecase of this field

You can also pass this field as query parameter.

For example:

Here you can pass any source by adding ?source=alternative_source in the form/survey link. 

This will override with the value provided inside the form builder and the submission will include source as alternative source instead of sample lead source.