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Workflow Action for Generating One Time Link

What is a One Time Link?

A One Time Link is a unique scheduling link to your calendar, designed to automatically expire once an appointment has been scheduled.Unlike the permanent link or the scheduling link, a One Time Link offers a one time access to your calendar. 

  • One Time Links are valuable across businesses, particularly for individuals who prefer not to share their entire calendar. 
  • These links automatically expire after each booking, giving you more control over your availability and preventing unwanted bookings. 
  • Once someone uses the link to book time with you, they can't do it again unless you give them a new link. 
  • This also prevents attendees from sharing your availability with people you don't know.

How to Share a One Time Link?

To share a one time link to your calendar:

  • Navigate to Calendar Settings > Calendars.
  • Click on the three dots next to your calendar and select "Share."
Note: You can now access the Scheduling Link, Permanent Link, One Time Link and Embed Code from the "Share" option in Calendar Settings

  • In the sharing options, locate the "One Time Link" tab.

  • Click on "Copy" to easily copy & paste the One Time Link wherever needed.
  • To create a new link, click on the "Generate New Link" option to obtain a fresh URL.

What Happens After Booking?

When a booking is made and the link expires, if someone attempts to schedule another appointment using the same link, they will be prompted to contact the owner as the link has already expired. This ensures that only valid and current links are used for scheduling purposes.