Infinite Canvas layout

Use the "Fit to Screen" and "Zoom In/Zoom Out" buttons in the bottom left of the screen to control the view area. The Minimap in the bottom right shows the current position.

Add New Trigger

Click on "Add New Trigger" button to open the Workflow Triggers list

Select a Trigger from the list and configure

Add New Action

Click on "+" button to open the Workflow Actions list

Select an Action from the list and configure

Stats View

Turn on the "Stats View" in the top left to view Email and SMS stats in the builder

Open detailed statistics model by clicking on any of the stats data

Test Workflow

Click on the "Test Workflow" button in the top right

Select a contact and click on "Run Test" to start testing the workflow

Save Workflow

Click the "Save" button in the top right which indicates unsaved changes.

Version History

View history of changes made by clicking on the history icon in the top right


Publish workflow or switch back to Draft by switching the toggle on the top right


Q1. What happens to contacts in my workflow if I set it to draft? Will they stay in the same step when I resume later?

Ans. If the contact is waiting on any off the waiting steps (wait, manual call, manual sms etc), they would be on the same step. when the workflow is resumed.