When you flag a review as inappropriate, Google may take action against the reviewer, such as removing the review or banning the reviewer from leaving future reviews. This is usually only done if the review violates Google’s guidelines, such as posting spam or containing offensive language. If you believe a review is fake or biased, you can report it to Google for further investigation.

Please Note: 

You can only dispute a review from within the conversations tab if it was generated by the system. If the review was not generated from the system please start the process by clicking here 


Reporting a Google Review from within the Conversation tab

To report a Google review from within the CRM you would need to go to the Conversations tab and search for the contact you want to report the review for and click on Dispute this review:

You will be prompted to confirm your Google email and business account associated with the GMB review in question.

Next, you'll choose whether you'd like to report a review or check the status of a review you've already reported:

If you choose to report a new review to be removed, Google gives you a list of your recent reviews that you can click to view on Google Maps or submit a takedown request:

Checking the status of existing Reviews you have Reported

  • To check on the status of a review that you have already reported, click here.
  • If you chose to check the status of a review you previously reported, it will show you those reviews, including their current status.

You can then select that review to see more of a summary and even submit an appeal if your takedown request was not accepted.

Please Note:

There is a limit to the number of reviews Google will show you here.

Joy Hawkins reported, 

“This feature seems to only work for Google My Business accounts that have a small number of listings in them. I tried it in an account with 33 listings, and it said, ‘Based on the number of Business Profiles you manage, this process is not available.’ Our agency account also had too many listings to qualify to use it.”