Seamlessly connect one or multiple Google Business Profile pages to a sub-account. By connecting multiple pages, you gain the ability to view, track, and monitor all related assets, such as messages, leads, and reviews, within a single sub-account.


How to Connect Multiple Google Business Profile Pages

To connect your Google Business Profile (GBP) pages, visit the Integrations page located under Sub-Account Settings. Proceed to the GBP Integrations section.

Note: If you cannot see the Google Business Profile option on the Integrations page, please ensure your Google account is connected. This step is essential and precedes the connection of GBP pages to your sub-account.

Initiate Connection:

Click on 'Connect' to start the authorisation process and fetch the list of pages to which you have administrative access.

Select Pages: 

From the list of available pages, select one or multiple pages you wish to connect with your sub-account.

Configure GBP Messaging:

GBP messaging enables you to retrieve messages sent to your GBP page directly into your CRM. These messages are sent by customers via the GBP page chat. You can enable or disable GBP messaging for the selected pages according to your preference. It's possible to enable GBP messaging for all selected pages or customize settings as needed.

Enable Call Tracking:

You may choose to enable call tracking for a GBP page based on your preferences. Please note that call tracking can only be enabled for a single page at a sub-account level and only at one sub-account level per page.

Finalize Connection: 

Click on 'Connect' to finalise the integration.

Check Connection Status: To view the connection status, click on the 'Refresh' icon.

Upon successful connection, the details of the connected pages will be displayed in the GBP section.