Chat Widget is allowed to added to any funnel steps, website pages, Wordpress and any other integration like Shopify, Wix, squarespace. Chat widget can be integrated by using enabling it on any pages or they can add in header code of websites.

Chat widget integration has header code with GA4 script of LeadConnector. LeadConnector tracks the following things to get timely notification for errors or issues. These data points are collected for
1. Alerting notification with timely checking - Chat widget team regularly conducts audits to meet that chat widget is working well without any errors and validation regulation.
2. Data monitoring - 

GA4 integration on Chat Widget allows tracking of following things -

- Page View - on which pages the chat widget is added to optimise the speed and javascript for future.

- PopUp Greeting Close Button - Small popup while someone visits the page and they opt to close it, this is done to check if UI is not user friendly.

- Widget Open - Widget open to start the SMS/Live Chat

- Widget Close - Widget close to close the SMS/Live Chat window as there were user experience issue or validation errors or issue while filling the first message.

- Form Submit Click - Form filling or while compelling the data of user name, phone or number  
Note - HighLevel does not collect any personal or confidential data through these events.

- Message Click - Submit button allows user to complete the form or send the first, we are checking if the button is  getting stuck as it is hosted on different providers.

- Validation error - Validation error while adding for phone, number , country selection or while adding the messages.

Each tracking code in header will independently collect data, it would not affect the cross referencing data of other GA4 tracking code. We configure the GA code for the purpose of optimizing performance and identifying gaps in user experience to enhance usability.