Please note: you must have WhatsApp enabled and a phone number in order to use this feature. To do so, go to "Settings" > "WhatsApp" in the side menu.

How to enable WhatsApp Chat Widget

1. Go to Sites > Chat Widget

2. Go to the Chat Widget, navigate to Chat type and select the option of WhatsApp Chat

3. With the WhatsApp chat option, go to widget window to do the customization of text, colors, branding and forms with email/phone.

4. Once the setup is done, the last part is to select the WhatsApp number. This is the number to which the message from the user will be redirected to when the chat is initiated.

5. Once the setup is done, click the "Save" button.

How It Works

1. Add the code to the landing page (external providers) to header code or use it by enabling toggle in Funnel/Website Settings

2. When the chat widget is embedded, it will display on the landing page once it loads in a browser window.

3. When the contact visits the page, completes, and submits the form, it will redirect the contact to the WhatsApp web app with the message to the number selected in widget window.

4. You will then receive a notification in the "Conversations" view and be able to message the contact.