Blog can be customised by visting the blog name, click on three dot edit to edit the blog site.  
  1. Go to Sites > Blogs
  2. In the list view of Blogs, click on the name of Blog.
  3. Once you open the Blog, it will show Edit the Blog Site button (beside the New Blog post option) and it will show the list of Blog Posts
  4. Once you click on Edit the Blog Site, it will open the Blog editor with all the elements and global sections 
  5. It will allow users to edit the layout, what shows in card of blog list, edit the style blog post. 
  • Layout -

  • What to show in card of Blog List

  • Edit the style for Blog Home and Blog post -Image, Post, Tags, Heading, Title, Description, Author, Publish date and Author

To manage the blog pages like home and post, it will allow users to create blog posts and delete the blog.

Blog provides the Section Templates, Global Sections and other elements like Buttons, Social Media Icons, Images and Progress Bar. Section Templates will get shared between Funnels, Websites and Blogs.