The Blog has following options of Statuses

1. Draft - When the Blog site is developing or users are building the content, it can be kept on Draft by just saving the content.

2. Published - When the Blog site is developed or the content is ready, it will be published when the user hits the Publish button with the SEO meta details. 

3.Delete - If the blog content is outdated, the user can delete the blog.

The Blog Post has following statuses - 
  1. Save as Draft - When the blog post is not yet ready, the content needs to be updated or the settings needs to be changed the blog post can be saved as draft. 
Note - If the blog post is published, if the user wants to move the blog posts to draft. User can update the blog post by visiting the button " Update Post" and click on "Continue" to move to Save as Draft.

2.Publish - If the blog post is ready to published on the URL of blog. User can choose the date from past or today, the publish date will help in sorting the content on the live blog URL.

3. Schedule and Publish - If the blog post is scheduled, the user can select the option of "Schedule and Publish" by selecting a future date.

4. Delete - If the blog post is not upto the mark, the user can delete the blog post from the list view.

5. Archive/ Unarchive Post - If you would not like to view the blog post in list view, it should archived and unarchived. Archive post doesn't remove the content from live URL, if you want to move the post back to draft the user can Update Blog Post, while clicking on Continue the user can move the blog post to Save as Draft.