Enhance your event tracking by sending automatically triggered standard events directly to Facebook’s servers, bypassing browser limitations and ad-blockers.
This powerful feature, known as Conversion API enables seamless event tracking. GoHighLevel allows you to send all events using both the browser and the Conversion API.

Steps to Create Your Access Token

  1. Open Events Manager:
    • Access the top menu, click to open it, and select “Events Manager”.
    • Alternatively, you can directly navigate to: Facebook Events Manager.
  2. Locate Your Pixel Settings:
    • Click on your Pixel ID.
    • In the left side menu, click on “Settings”.
  3. Create Your Access Token:
    • Scroll down to the "Server-Side API for Web" section.
    • Click on "Create Access Token" and follow the instructions.

    • You will be prompted to select the pixel, create or select an app, and create or select a user.
    • A token will be generated. Click on the token to copy it.

With your access token, you can now configure Conversion API events for robust and reliable event tracking on your website.