The New Embedded Signup Flow

There is a new Embedded Signup flow available with the following features.

Business Selection

The new flow will always show the default legal name as the business. It will always show the business information even if all of the required fields are filled out.

This new flow prevents businesses from making errors by disabling businesses where the user is not an admin of, and also disabling creation of a business if they have the maximum amount of businesses created already.

WABA and Profile Selection

The new flow is standardized such that regardless whether a user is adding or selecting a new WABA/phone profile, the flow is the same. From this screen the user can do one of the following:

  1. Create both a new WABA and profile
  2. Select an existing WABA and create new profile
  3. Select an existing WABA and profile

Regardless of which option the user elects to do, the flow will always start off the same way.

Creating a New WABA and Profile

If the user elects to create a new WABA and profile, they will fill out all their WABA and profile information on a single page.

Website is now an optional field that is defaulted to the business’ website.

Selecting an Existing WABA and Creating a New Profile

If the user selects an existing WABA, they can only edit the phone profile field.

The user will then enter their phone number information as prompted.

Selecting an Existing WABA and Profile

If the user selects an existing WABA and existing profile, the profile is displayed but will not be editable. To edit the profile, it must be done in the WhatsApp Manager.

The user will then have the ability to verify the number and select the verification method.

Verified Phone Number

If the user selects a verified phone number they will be directed to the completion step.

Permission Acknowledgement

In the flow, businesses review the list of permissions requested by their Solution Partner, also known as Solution Partner. The permissions cannot be edited. Businesses must tap Continue to acknowledge the permissions and complete Embedded Signup.


  • Businesses must use a new phone number to sign up for the platform, whether through manual onboarding or Embedded Signup. They are not able to sign up with a number that is currently active on WhatsApp or the WhatsApp Business App.
  • Independent Service Vendors (ISVs) are not currently able to use Embedded Signup, so it should not be used to register any phone numbers from an ISV. They must continue using the manual onboarding flow.