A WordPress file manager is a plugin that enables users to perform file management tasks from the WordPress dashboard. Instead of logging in to your control panel or File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client, you can access the WordPress website files from a single location.

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Why use this plugin instead of having FTP Access?

How to install the WP file manager plugin?

Why use this plugin instead of having FTP Access?

FTP is inherently a non-secure way to transfer data. When a file is sent using this protocol, the data, username, and password are all shared in plain text, which means a hacker can access this information with little to no effort.

WP File Manager provides an intuitive user interface with a clear structure pane and display.

The plugin is free to download and use, but you need to purchase a license to access its advanced features such as private folder creation and control file operations for different user roles. These are useful if you have a team managing multiple websites.

How to install the WP file manager plugin?

You can install this plugin by going to your Plugins tab in the WP admin view like this:

1. Go to your WP Admin view
2. Click on Plugins
3. Click on Add New
4. Search for WP File Manager. Select the one shown in the gif above.
5. Install and activate it.

You can read more about this plugin here:


Please Note:

Just like the dangers with FTP access, if you are not careful with what kind of file you are handling using this plugin, it could still cause issues.

Please restore your WordPress to your most recent stable backup if you come across any issues.