An unsubscribe link is a link within your email that allows recipients to opt-out from receiving any email newsletters for your products or services. Maintaining a clean email list is imperative for email deliverability, and adding an unsubscribe link in the email footer is always the best practice.

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How to enable/disable the default unsubscribe link

Customize the default unsubscribe link

Ways to add the unsubscribe link

Why You Need To (& Should) Have An Unsubscribe Link In Your Emails

Benefits of including an email unsubscribe link


How to enable/disable the default unsubscribe link

Navigate to Settings -> Business info. Under the "General Section," you can find the settings

Check/uncheck to enable and disable the settings


Before disabling the option make sure you have added an unsubscribe link on all emails sent out from the system. When a sub-account recieves a high email complaint/spam, sending will be temporarily disabled.

Customize the default unsubscribe link

Navigate to Settings -> Business info. Under the "General section," you can find the settings to control unsubscribing. Click Customize.

Ways to add the unsubscribe link

1. Directly add an unsubscribe tag in the email template.

2. Enable the global unsubscribe option without adding an unsubscribe tag in each email.

Digital laws might differ from country to country, but almost every country states that you must have an unsubscribe link in your email. The most popularly referenced law is -- US’s CAN-SPAM (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing) legislation enforced by the Federal Trade Commission.

In May 2018, GDPR became a compulsory rule for any brand with subscribers in the EU.

According to article 17 of GDPR, ‘Right to erasure’, data subjects (subscribers) have the right to ask for their data to be deleted. In that case, data controllers have to comply with it. They have to delete any data when it’s no longer required for the purposes for which it was collected or the data holder/subjects withdraw consent for it to be used.

If a contact unsubscribes from an email list, they are exercising their 'Right to erasure', and the data controller (the email list owner) has to unsubscribe them and delete their data.

Non-compliance with GDPR can lead to a fine amounting to €20 million or 4% of annual global turnover, whichever is higher.

1 . Shun customer frustration: Many subscribers consent to newsletters without knowing what they will deliver. After receiving the email copy, they realized it was irrelevant to them. Then if they want to unsubscribe from the newsletter and fail to find the link. You know how frustrating it is when you can’t see the unsubscribe link inside the email. Marketers need to understand the interests and preferences of different subscribers and allow them to opt-out of the email list. It improves the email marketing strategy’s outcome as you are allowing inactive subscribers to leave the contact list.      

2. Collect feedback: You can collect valuable feedback from those subscribers who are no longer part of your contact list. You can use those feedback to understand the loopholes and optimize the email communications to meet your subscribers’ needs. 

3. Enter into the inbox: Unsubscribe links increase the possibility of entering the subscribers’ inbox rather than going into the spam folders. If people search for an unsubscribe link and don’t find it, they will put that email in the spam folder. Your account can be suspended if your spam rate exceeds the open rate.

4. Adapt anti-spam legislation: While including the unsubscribe link, every country has its law and order. It is compulsory in anti-spam legislation to give a predefined law for email marketers.  


Go to Sub-account -> Settings -> Business Info -> General, where you can customize the opt-out message, below is the screenshot for reference:

What happens if my email already has an unsubscribe link?

In case the message already has an unsubscribe link, an unsubscribe link will be added from our side.